The Faroese Tourism Branch Association
The Faroese Tourism Branch Association was established in 2008. The Association currently represents the majority of the private tourism companies in the Faroe Islands.
The main purpose of the Association is to gather and represent the private tourism industry in the Faroe Islands in order to achieve common goals which first of all is making the tourism industry a significant part of the Faroese economy.
The main activities in the Association are:
Working together with and advising the politicians and authorities, in order to ensure that laws and regulations serve the interests of the tourism industry in the best possible matter.
Representing the interests of the tourism industry in all matters towards all kinds of different authorities.
Education and courses
Organising seminars and courses with the purpose of improving qualifications and competences within the industry.
Arranging network meetings for members of the association with the aim of strengthening cooperation and the sharing of ideas, inspiration and support.
How to contact the Association
The secretariat of the Faroese Tourism Branch Association is located in the House of Industry in Tórshavn. In the case of branch related queries you are always welcome to contact us via email or phone.   
Contact: House of Industry
Phone: (+298) 309900