Educational options are of the same high standards as in other North European countries.




All Faroese understand the other Scandinavian languages, and English is widely spoken.



A large proportion of the Faroese population has a higher education, many with university degrees. It is normal for Faroese to travel abroad for higher education, mainly to Denmark, but now it is becoming common to go to other European an non-European countries.



The University of the Faroe Islands has faculties in Social sciences and History, Linguistics, specialising in Faroese, Nurses Training, The Teaching and Social Education Profession and Natural sciences. At all faculties, research is carried out and courses are provided up to academical degrees.



There are also colleges for Marine Engineering, Nautical Training, and Business School.



Primary school is compulsory up to the ninth class, after which education can be continued in a High School, Business-, Technical-, Industrial Fishing-, or a Mariners school.