Tíðindi: Havbúnaður Ι 16. september 2021
Havbúnaðarfelagið: Skriv um springaradráp
Í samband við springaradrápið í Skálafirði, hevur Havbúnaðarfelagið orðað hesa fráboðan

Statement regarding the slaughter of white-sided dolphins


The Faroese Aquaculture Association, whose members cover the entire aquaculture industry in the Faroes, wishes to condemn the slaughter of white-sided dolphins that took place on the Faroe Islands on 12 September.


The slaughter was a private, communal activity, and as such completely separate from the business activities of the fish farming industry.


The Faroese Aquaculture Association wants to make clear that no boats or other assets of Faroese fish farming companies were utilized before, during or after the slaughter.


The Board of the Faroese Aquaculture Association


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