Poul Michelsen
Name: P/F Poul Michelsen Ldt.- Wholesaler, Provisions, Tax-free
             P/F PM-pluss, Catering, Foodservice and Cleaning
             Sp/F Atlas Flutningur -  Logistic - lorry transport all over in the Faroes
Main activities
                Our core competences:  Wholesaler, Provisions, Taxfree, Transport, Catering and Cleaning.
Number of people:   140
                Qualifications:  All personell trained for the service we provide
Certificates:   All necessary Certificates
References:  Trinity Services, Sodexho, Thor Offshore, Skansin Offshore, Faroe Ship, Fare Agency
Address: Hoyvíksvegur 74, P.BOX 200, Fo-110 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
Telephone: +298 354650
Fax: +298 354649
E-mail: pm@pm.fo
CEO:   Poul Michelsen
Contact:  Gunnar Mohr, telephone +298  794630