Atlantic Supply Base
Name:  Atlantic Supply Base P/F in short (ASB)
Main activities:
                Our core competences: Offshore Supply Base, Dry & Wet plant, Maritime Agency
Number of people: 10-15
                Qualifications: Captain, Terminal leader, QHSE leader, Bulk Plant operator, MA-Corr. SAP users, First aider, Banks man, Crain- and Forklift driver , G11 Sling & G20 Crane courses, Duty free zone, Indoor and Outdoor Stores keeping,
Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, Working according OGP standard 423
References: 8 explorations wells on the Faroes CS, and Agency for the offshore industry on the Faroes CS.
Address: Kongshavn 6
Telephone: +298 20 30 00 and Mob +298 56 30 00
Fax: +298 20 30 01
CEO: Mr Eli Lassen
Contact: Eli Lassen