Name:  VRG  (Virkisráðgeving Sp/f). VRG is the brand name.
Main activities:
                Our core competences: Management consulting services
Number of people: 3 + some extra hourly workers when needed
Qualifications: The best education from International universities or high schools qualifies every consultant who works for VRG. In addition we continuously try to improve our knowledge, so we can always be reliable partners for companies which use our services.
Certificates: Non particular – but the company has a documented management system, which is regularly evaluated and updated.
References:  VRG has assisted all the major offshore companies in Faroe Island with there management systems, e.g. ISO9001,, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISM/ISPS etc. 
Since we work strictly confidential together with our clients, a reference list is not public available, but can be delivered to relevant business relations upon request.
Address:  Heiðavegur 35, P.O. Box 26, Saltangará
Telephone: +298 666 600
Fax: +298 666 601
Webpage: www.vrg.fo
CEO:  Símun Hammer


Contact:  Símun Hammer, simun@vrg.fo