Faroe Ship


Main activities: Faroe Ship is a vital co-player in the development and promotion of the Faroese industry - through total solutions transport and logistics services in the Faroe Islands and worldwide


- Our core competences: All logistic and transport services: Import, Export, Faroe Express, Domestic trucking, Agency services, Warehouses, Outdoor storage areas, Mobil crane 120 tons, Custom and doc. handling …

- Number of people: 110 employees

- Qualifications/Certificates: All employees have necessary certificates for operation of respective equipment, i.e. forklifts, stacker, mobile crane, vehicle/trailer licenses etc. Domestic trucking: GMP+. Faroe Express: IATA certification. Full traceability in doc. handling.


References: Faroe Ship is the major logistic and transport company in the Faroe Islands and has been involved in all explorations in the Faroe Islands. Faroe Ship has been providing an extensive range of logistic and transport services during the years to: Statoil, BP, ENI and the platforms: Sovereign Explorer, West Navion, Belford Dolphin, Stena Don, Transocan Rather, West Phoenix, COSL.


Faroe Ship is shareholder in Atlantic Supply Base (ASB).


Address: Faroe Ship Eystara Bryggja FO-100 Tórshavn Faroe Islands


Telephone: +298 349000 Fax: +298 349001


E-mail: info@faroeship.fo


Webpage: www.faroeship.fo


CEO: Bogi P. Nielsen



Bogi P. Nielsen, CEO

Email: bogin@faroeship.fo

GSM: +298 549000


Ingibjørg í Hoyvík, Director Liner Export

Email: ii@faroeship.fo

GSM: +298 549090


Dávur Traber, Director Liner Import

Email: dtr@faroeship.fo

GSM: +298 549010